Specialist recruited from abroad - what now? New edition of the practical guide

Recruiting specialists from abroad is seen as an important contribution to alleviating the staff shortage in the healthcare sector. But how can new arrivals be integrated into hospitals and care facilities in such a way that they are able to work effectively and are satisfied with their new working and living situation? This is a challenge for managers and colleagues alike. To support the integration of foreign skilled workers, the iso Institute has developed a practical guide together with saaris, which is now available in a second and significantly expanded edition. It covers aspects of onboarding, professional familiarisation, support for professional recognition and culturally sensitive cooperation. The practical guide can be obtained free of charge from the iso-Institut.





New project aims to support people with dementia in hospital

New project aims to support people with dementia in hospital

The Institute for Social Research and Social Economy (iso) has launched a project in collaboration with the Caritas Association Trier and other partners with the aim of providing better care for people with dementia in hospitals in Saarland. The project "Cross-sector deployment of familiar carers for dementia patients - SEBDem" is funded by the Innovation Fund. As part of the project, people with dementia are cared for by familiar carers from outpatient care during a hospital stay. Science and practice partners expect this to have positive effects on the well-being and safety of patients as well as on the course of therapy

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Supporting Communication with Language-Impaired People

In their everyday work, health care professionals increasingly have to deal with people who, due to illness, are no longer able to articulate themselves well in spoken language. For professionals, communication with these people is not always easy; it takes a lot of time and can lead to misunderstandings. Within the framework of the project ProDigA - Digitally Supported Interaction Work the iso-Institut has now developed a Information brochure for professionals and managers in the health care sector. It is intended to raise awareness of communication barriers as well as provide tips for "good" interaction and therefore contribute not only to patient welfare but also to relieving the workload of staff. The project is supported by the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) (German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF)) funded.

Healthy Working Environments

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Innovative Technology-Based Services

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