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The Institute for Social Research and Social Economy (iso)

is the largest independent social science research institution in the Southwest of Germany. The iso-Institute conducts applied-oriented social science research and consultancy for political and economic institutions as well as for government offices. The interactive communication with its partners and the implementation of the scientific findings in companies, organisations and in the society are the main focus of the institute's work.

Das iso-Institut wurde 1969 gegründet und arbeitet mit einem Team von rund 15 Wissenschaftlerinnen und Wissenschaftlern aus unterschiedlichen Disziplinen (Sozialwissenschaften, Politikwissenschaften, Pflegewissenschaften bis hin zur Jurisprudenz). Es bewegt sich seit über 50 Jahren – ohne Grundfinanzierung – erfolgreich am Markt für Forschung und Beratung. Zuwendungs- und Auftraggeber des Instituts sind überwiegend Bundesministerien (BMBF, BMG, BMFSFJ, BMAS), des Weiteren Länderministerien, Stiftungen, die Europäische Kommission; Kommunen, Verbände, Kammern und Unternehmen der privaten Wirtschaft aus Industrie und Dienstleistung.

The core of our work lies in applied-oriented social science research alongside with basic research and scientifically supported advisory services.

The iso-Institute is mainly active in the following work fields: 

One of the special features of the work of our institute is the interaction between the various fields of work and research. As a rule, the cross-disciplinary team of our institute work with different project teams at the same time.

In the course of project implementation, primarily qualitative methods of social research are used, which are supplemented by quantitative methods as needed.

The iso-Institute's applied and practice-oriented work provides scientific support to companies and organisations in their daily work and it also offers practical and political advice. We help companies and public administrations to develop operational design approaches and to create innovative services. Furthermore, we support them in the further development of a sustainable human resources policy.

The iso-Institute is a registered association with state-recognised non-profit status.


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